Your Subaru have got “Eyesight” !

These are the pair of “eyes” that you will have in the Subaru. Dubbed the “New Eyesight”, its Subaru’s driving assist system with the use of stereo camera innovations.

These eyes will make automatically slow down your vehicle if it “see” that there are objects in front. In technical terms they call it “Pre-collision braking control”. For a moment this looked like those Camera technology where they have facial recognition, i guess they incorporate that tech into the eyes.

Also in the “New Eyesight” system there is the “Adaptive Cruise control with all-speed range tracking function where it will keep your car at a safe distance from the other cars.

I think this tech is somewhat similar with Volvo’s pedestrian detection posted earlier, guess everyone is stressing a lot on safety, which is good for us consumers 🙂

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