Xtreme International Autoshow @ Bukit Jalil – Part 3 – Inside the Stadium – 2nd Floor

Extreme-90 Extreme-94 Extreme-96

This is a police car from the Need for Speed series, in real life !


Initially i thought it was a Super GT racing 350Z, until i see that its actually a road car !

Extreme-98 Extreme-99

Most of the cars on this floor are extremely modified, like this Proton Wira that looks like the Evolution X !

Extreme-100 Extreme-101 Extreme-102

A very “Strong”-looking Satria.

Extreme-103 Extreme-104 Extreme-105

A Proton Saga – Skyline ?


A Proton Wira – Evo 9.

Extreme-107 Extreme-108

A Proton Wira – Impreza WRX.

Extreme-109 \

This is a Waja, but i am not sure it is trying to replicate which car.


This should be a Satria after undergoing extreme modifications.

Extreme-112 Extreme-111

I almost thought it was a Nissan, but i think its a Proton Wira in full disguise !

Extreme-116 Extreme-124 Extreme-125

Airbrush magic, anyone ? I am really impressed with the artwork !

Talking about extreme modification, ever seen a rocket-like car ? Click below !

Extreme-114 Extreme-117 Extreme-118

Don’t ask me what car is this and also don’t ask me whether the rocket-like thing behind the car really works, this is really as extreme as it gets !!!

Extreme-131 Extreme-129 Extreme-130

After walking this floor, i truly understand what is the meaning of Xtreme modification !!!

Do check back later for the promo girls in this autoshow !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

3 Responses to “ Xtreme International Autoshow @ Bukit Jalil – Part 3 – Inside the Stadium – 2nd Floor ”

  1. that’s good picture

  2. boleh bagi sya tu kereta wira kah…?bole la baa..tolong la

  3. Super extreme interior…… Who says that local people can’t stand as higher as the others did in auto show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Government need to do something on a kind of field like this…….. Don’t let the other company look down on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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