Xtreme International Autoshow @ Bukit Jalil – Part 2 – Inside the Stadium – 1st Floor


As mentioned earlier we paid about RM 28 to get inside the Stadium for a showcase of really extremely modified cars ! These cars are brought over from US, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan specially for this autoshow.

Extreme-34 Extreme-36


This is the car that everyone sees when they enter the Stadium, a Hummer !!!

I have no idea how many inch this rim is where this Hummer is riding on, its just totally huge !!!!!!!!!! I am guessing like 24 Inch mebbe or even more :p

Extreme-37 Extreme-38 Extreme-39

 Extreme-41 Extreme-40

I have not much idea what car is this, it should be the Toyota Pickup Truck, not sure which one, as they have been extensively modified till can’t really recognize haha :p

Extreme-42 Extreme-43

Extreme-44 Extreme-45

This is an I-have-no-idea-what-car-is-this, :p

Extreme-48 Extreme-46 Extreme-47

This is a Mitsubishi Galant from Thailand, and you can’t really recognize it if u just see the front. Noticed that all are having hydraulics that sorta like make the car "sleep" on the floor in this showcase :p

Extreme-49 Extreme-50

Green Monster Jazz also from Thailand !

Extreme-53 Extreme-55 Extreme-56

This BMW you will definitely not see it on the road i guess, its like they have converted it to a pickup truck style maybe from the standard 3 series saloon, wicked ! (Thats what i think, not sure if there is a BMW pickup truck or not)


Ever seen a color changing Gen-2 ? Click below to see it !!!

Extreme-59 Extreme-60

This is the most interesting bodywork i have ever seen, the car changes color !!!!! Look at the photo taken above, its the same Car !!!

What i know is it is some kind of special paint maybe that when u turn on the camera’s flash, the picture will be the first one. But if you turn off your camera flash, the car will just look black all over. Talk about COOOLLLLLLLL



This is really the best looking Gen-2 i have seen !

Extreme-69 Extreme-71

VIP Style, anyone ?

Extreme-82 Extreme-77

Gun Metal bodywork madness on a Merc and also Myvi !


Modified by D.A.D !!!


Do check back for Xtreme International Autoshow @ Bukit Jalil – Part 3 – Inside the Stadium – 2nd Floor !

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