Xtreme International Autoshow @ Bukit Jalil – Part 1 – Outside the Stadium


Went to this autoshow in Bukit Jalil. It was held in 2 areas, inside the Stadium Putra and also the outside of the Stadium. To go inside, paid about RM 28 for the ticket whereas the outside is free. I went there with turboturtle and a colleague, he will be posting about it later on too.




This Part 1 will be about what we saw outside. There were a lot of street cars and clubs around displaying their babes :p It was really quite a sight, as i was thinking to myself, "Goodness these are all road cars, but why i never see them before one ???"


So you can see at the outside of the stadium many road cars, or should i say many "Unique" Road cars :p


Extreme-1 Extreme-2 Extreme-3

Here is a 350Z with a unique spoiler that i have rarely seen on the road. Very nice bodykit and rims too 🙂



Next we then have the RX-8 Club owners displaying their babes ! Veilside !


This RX-8 looks different from the rest, so i am guessing a facelift or totally new version ?



Goodness, how can they make cars look so beautiful ?????

Extreme-16 Extreme-17

Then you have modified Proton Wajas, excited to see them, as i am driving one too ! But stock setup ! 🙁

Have you seen before a Cabrio Proton Iswara ? If not, click below to check it out !



This Iswara have undergone extreme modification and in result, a Cabrio version with loads of ICE on it !

Extreme-27 Extreme-19

This is one mean-looking Satria, and if u see properly, look at the size of the exhaust pipe ! Can fry chicken wing !!


This is a really great looking Accord, but personally i don’t really like the wheels, but the rest looks great !


Scissor doors Satria, inspired by Son Goku of Dragon Ball !



Caldina owners are here too ! What a great view of all the superb babes !

Brace yourselves for this is no normal autoshow that just shows u modified cars, the cars that i see have really undergone Out-Of-This-World Modifications to be here ! Do check back for Part 2 – Inside the Stadium

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  1. which workshop can do scissor door?

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