Xtreme International Autoshow – BMW Version

The only thing nice about this auto show is, they have a couple of Bmers which I think are pretty nice looking. Take this “UDM Owners “club 330Ci for instance. Plain and simple body kits with a down to earth rear wing.

There are many other BMWs at that show but there was one particular 5 series that caught my eye. This beauty was raised by the devil itself! The body kit is basically custom made by DAD designs where most of their cars have “Blinks” on them. The best thing about it is the color of the car, Gun Metal.

Now for those E93 Convertable fans, well here is one picture of it in white.

The rest of the pictures:

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  1. darn good!

  2. just love the E93 convertible, BMW interior always look darn super solid !

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