Xenon HID : Am i so glaring to you until u call me illegal ?


This is still a very very vague question to me even until now. On Malaysian roads, it is illegal to fit any HID kits to your car. I think even in other countries as well.

But, there is a catch; if your car comes factory fitted with HID, then its considered legal and you won’t get caught. Cars that come fitted with HID are normally luxury cars like BMW, Volkswagon, Merc etc.

If you don’t have those cars but you want to have HID, then you are considered illegal.

I have read that installing HID will give you improved visibility at night, which i really really have to agree. I’ve sat in a car going up to Genting Highlands before and that car is fitted with HID.

And mind me, it really have brighten up the road on the Karak Highway, as it is so poorly lit on the way. I can really see much much further with HID lights compared to normal bulbs.

Check out the site below from our Road Transport Department, its in Bahasa Malaysia though :p


So is JPJ (Road Transport Department) trying to say that only rich people can put on HID lights ?

This cannot be the case for sure ! Why can’t they setup authorized shops to fit HID kits to the cars so that they are fitted correctly and will not cause glare to the oncoming cars ??

If you see the video below, this clearly tells us the difference between the factory fitted ones and the aftermarket ones.

Please, this technology really improves visibility to the road, just hope the JPJ can think about it !

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  1. HID lights on dark highways would affect the visibility of the opposite traffic. Factory fitted HID usually will have to comply to JPJ’s lumen limit.

    I never had problems looking into BMW’s HID lights, but those HID on ah beng’s car, it hurts my eyes.

  2. IMO, HID should be use as high beam but not normal light. Actually all HID shouldn’t be legal because it will distract the visible of the opposite car.

  3. idk about you.. but cheapskate buggers who fix cheapskate HIDs are annoying fucks. They wanna show off that they have white light, but those bastards didn’t align it properly it feels like they’re always riding on high beam and causing my rear mirror to give off a bright white light.

    It doesn’t happen to people who drive Mercs, Jags or those properly manufactured installations though.. only cheap baskets.

  4. I have to agree with you all on those improperly installed HID is really glaring especially to oncoming traffic or your rear view mirror.

    But seriously, if it is illegal because of the brightness, eg. 6000k and above, sometimes i really wonder why renowned manufacturers like PIAA, Philips and Osram is still producing those bulbs at those temperature and selling them ?

    I really don’t understand……

    So in short, is the government catching people who are installing HID xenon even though their color temperature is 4300k ?

    How about those halogen bulbs which also produces 8000k, will they be caught as well ?

    This is all so gray……..

  5. When I first installed HID conversions into my car, a 2002 Golf with standard headlamps, I would be high-beamed by every other car.. Usually at least 3 or 4 each trip.. The problem is the distance the light source sits from the reflectors compared to a halogen filament. It spreads the beam higher and wider. It is also a larger light source so spreads the beam more erratically.

    The best option for anyone who wants HID lights but cannot afford a car with stock HIDs, is to purchase (usually over ebay) new headlight housings that have projector beam headlights. If this modification is unavailable for your type of car, then too bad. This is the only way you can truly come close to having a professional looking HID lighting system in your car. As the projector traps a lot of light glare into a very small area and then directs it across the proper beam pattern. Besides, because of the way the light refracts through the projection lense, it makes the light appear the propper bright white throughout most of the beam spread but produces the beautiful blue line across the top of the beam, which causes that white/blue flicker as you approach from a distance.

  6. Onibokuro the K does not refer to power but rather colour. Broadly speaking 2,000K is red 4,000k is yellow 6,000k is white 8,000k is blue 12,000k is purple and so on. But to your question yes a 8,000k halogen bulb is not road legal as headlights in the UK must be white to yellow in colour. No other colour is permitted. Also Philips and Osram do not sell automotive HID bulbs over 6,000k. Have a look at this link for a little more information. http://www.hid.moonfruit.com

  7. Meee: thanks for the info

  8. we have 30000k hid kits

  9. The last i remember was that 12000k HID was purple in colour, i really wonder 30000k is what color haha

  10. A true 30000k is mostly in the ultraviolet spectrum. If you have a complete 30000k light source it would actually blind you with the amount of short wavelength radiation it gives off before it gave enough visible light to be as visibly bright as a normal headlight bulb. But then the retailers of these kit often make bogus or at best very misleading claims so I could not read to much in to any claimed colour temperature.

  11. Ah Beng idiots and also the kampung lembus fit their cars with HIDs that glare at oncoming cars and they think its cool cos they can see the road ahead. It’s not the luxury cars with HIDs but mid-range cars like Civics, Latios, Waja CPSs, that comes with HIDs now and only Wajas have projector housings for their H1 bulbs so the beam is directed to the road and not the sky. Civics and Latios inc. Navara have lower intensity due to their normal housing so do not blind oncoming cars. Guess what a MYVI with ah beng HIDs will do? Brighten the entire 180 degrees of the road due to the large frog-like housing and will cause temporary blindness 🙂

    JPJ should go for these idiots and tow the cars as paying a summon does not mean removing the lights. Sorry….kena blinded many times on the road already..

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