Worlds fastest cars – 2008-2009

For most of the people who own a car, loves to drive fast on the highways or wheel spinning when the traffic lights turn green. The reality is that most of us would want to own a fast car and probably can’t afford it. Better start working hard now or you can just take a look on the top 10 fastest cars in the world for 2008-2009.

No. 10 – Porsche Carrera GT

No. 9   – Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

No. 8   – Pagani Zonda F

No. 7   – Jaguar XJ220

No. 6   – Enzo Ferrari

No. 5   – McLaren F1

No. 4   – Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo

No. 3   – Koenigsegg CCX

No. 2   – Bugatti Veyron

No. 1   – SSC Ultimate Aero

There you have it the worlds fastest cars. Now its time for me to work myself like a dog and start day dreaming! On a personal note, I would say that the Porsche Carrera GT is my fav as it looks pretty down to earth design which Porsche does best for all these years. Of course, if any readers feels that don’t know where to spend their money, well please get me a Koenigsegg CCX thats all I am asking.

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When I was a little younger, I never had the interest in cars at all. Somehow it picked it up when I was in high school and oh yeah did I mention my dad and brother loves cars as well? I am more of a Japanese Car lover then any other car but don’t get me wrong I like the rest as well. Let’s just say that Jap cars are the first on my list. Drifting, racing circuits and rallying, these are the thing that I love to do but I can’t! Well let’s just say I don’t have the skills for these kind of things. So the only thing I do is occasionally drive fast on the road when I am provoked by a much slower car or in par. "All you need to see is my tail light" turboturtle

26 Responses to “ Worlds fastest cars – 2008-2009 ”

  1. I would like the Lambo Murcielago LP640 thank you :p

  2. This list isnt correct, but close to it, the fastest is the CCX, and also you forget my personal favorite the Benz SL 65 AMG, WITHOUT the electonic governor it will go in the mid 200s, much faster then any lambo.

  3. f**k Mercedes-Benz Lambos will smoke one of those.

  4. Um did u 4get about da porche 9ff (GT9) TS of 410km/h 🙂

  5. bugati varon rank2 will brake your down

  6. Veyron for me any day! Such a good looking car and not too crazy like some of the others.

  7. Koenigsegg CCX would be my dream car!

  8. those car are tiet

  9. i love these cars thanks 4 showing me da fastest cars

  10. I have another list: it is “World Top 12 Speed Car”
    1. SSC Ultimate Aero
    2. Porsche 9ff GT9 R
    3. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport
    4. Pagani Zonda Roadster
    5. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo
    6. Koenigsegg CCX
    7. Mclaren F1 ML
    8. Leblanc Mirabeau / Maserati MC12 Edo
    9. Edonis BEX38
    10. Gumpert Apollo Speed / Jaguar XJ220
    11. Corvette ZR1
    12. Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV / Ferrari FXX

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  12. WOW!!!!!!!! those cars were like the most awesomest cars i ever seen in my whole life… most favorite one was SSC ultimate aero…… sooooooo ruled like i wish i had it lol……hmmm….P.S…bye lol…

  13. no car can stop SALEEN S7 BABY!!!!!!

  14. the barabus tkr can so beat a saleen s7 any day!!!!!!

  15. Jesus, these cars are too gbasky. no wonder 50 feels on top of the world with his Enzo ferarri

  16. Please please and please, gongo must so if i buy the Vllbid

  17. Please please please can i have them all. i will look after them, i promise.

  18. Koemigsegg ccrc edition is what i want

  19. i wood like to see more of these cars

  20. yo… these r some really nice cars

  21. omg i love the ssc ultimate areo

  22. Omg i love th ssc ultimate aero when i get more money i will get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. You forgot the veyron SS

  24. My fav is the Murcielago LP640 I love the broad hood.

  25. nice cars

  26. My is ultimate areo orange

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