Where art thou my beloved Supra?

The Toyota Supra was one of the nicest super cars in the early 90’s. The design was so futuristic that even if you see on the road now with new paints and all, it would just blend in, one of the good designs back then. I remember there were loads of reviews about it in every car magazine. Well I guess you can still find articles on the modification mags. The Supra usually comes with the naturally aspirated (NA) which can make around 220hp and the twin turbo (270hp) that can smoke you in a second (well just a figure of speech). In the matter of fact, 270 odd horse powers does not sound scary at all unless if you mod it.

Don’t know if you guys actually watched the orange supra in the Fast and the Furious “you owe me a 10 second car”. That’s one sweet looking Supra, coz I like designs that are simple but yet nice. I have seen the Vielside body kit when I was in Australia I feel it just totally killed the overlook of the car. However Vielside does have good designs, just that maybe I saw a really bad one from then the other time.

Now it’s already 2008 and we are all still waiting for the new Supra and hopefully put a smile on our faces. There are a few concepts that are shown on websites and also car shows but I never believed in all those if Toyota says its coming out around 2010 then the concept cars most of the time does not look like the one that is about to come out. For example the Nissan GTR was suppose to be based on the V35 but then they came out with a new look. Well when ever Toyota is ready they will announce it and cross your fingers and hope that the rumor of the engine being V10 is true, maybe then we will see a new winner in the Japan GT circuit.    


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When I was a little younger, I never had the interest in cars at all. Somehow it picked it up when I was in high school and oh yeah did I mention my dad and brother loves cars as well? I am more of a Japanese Car lover then any other car but don’t get me wrong I like the rest as well. Let’s just say that Jap cars are the first on my list. Drifting, racing circuits and rallying, these are the thing that I love to do but I can’t! Well let’s just say I don’t have the skills for these kind of things. So the only thing I do is occasionally drive fast on the road when I am provoked by a much slower car or in par. "All you need to see is my tail light" turboturtle

2 Responses to “ Where art thou my beloved Supra? ”

  1. Agreed!

    Well, it’s a rare beauty in Singapore, never see them on the road now. Supra is still one of my fave cars. 😉

  2. Well that’s true, have been to Singapore a couple of times but yeah haven’t seen a Supra there for the times I was there. Can’t blame the owners there I guess, coz its going to be costly to own an old car right in Singapore?

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