What happen when Proton Hits a Ferrari F430?

This video is featuring a Proton Wira which hits the Ferrari F430 on the north-south expressway. To make matters worst, the Ferrari Club is doing a convoy to somewhere. You can see that there are at least half a dozen of Ferraris on the road side and also a GTR. So much for an accident! I doubt that the insurance from the old Proton Wira will be able to pay for the damage, so I am wondering how would the claim be?

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3 Responses to “ What happen when Proton Hits a Ferrari F430? ”

  1. Wow.. First time to see so many Ferraris in road (^_^)

  2. dunno unlucky for the Ferrari’s owner or the wira’s owner…

  3. Walau, habis la this fella. On the positive side, at least he didn’t hit a Ferrari Enzo or 599XX :P.

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