Volkswagen Das Auto Motor Show at Bukit Jalil Malaysia – The Dome

Volkswagen is really going all out this time, where this is the first time i see one single car manufacturer having a motor show for their own ! This is the 2011 Volkswagen Das Auto Motor Show that was held in Bukit Jalil in the weekend !

You can really see a lot of VW logo everywhere around the place and its really a huge scale motorshow ! There are 2 main areas, the “Dome” and the caterpillar-like smaller domes.

As you can see, the crowd is also crazy, took me like almost 45 minutes just to get in ! The admission was free though. At first i was wondering why do i need to be queuing up to enter the motor show when i don’t even have to pay, then only i found out that in the main dome there is like a “live” showcase of all the cars in the Volkswagen Lineup !

Upon entering the main area, we are ushered to register ourselves and also get a Volkswagen stamp on our hands, for a moment i thought i was going clubbing haha

Next we entered the main Dome in which it is like a big ball hall with a track around the dome. Then the show started with the introduction of many cars in the VW lineup. Interesting is that they showcased the Golf R, Scirocco R, Polo Sedan, Phaeton, New Beetle not by just putting the car on display, rather the cars are actually driven and circling around the dome !

This is something really new, as you can actually see the cars really moving around and not just static, a first time experience in a motor show !

Stay tuned for what is available in the caterpillar dome !

Check out the video below that i have taken :

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

2 Responses to “ Volkswagen Das Auto Motor Show at Bukit Jalil Malaysia – The Dome ”

  1. OH… great event.

    i wished i was there !

  2. John tan, if u were there, u will wish u were not there. Absolutely lousy show. But if u like standing under hot sun for 2 hours to see no touch some cars, this is the show for u.

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