Volkswagen Das Auto Motor Show at Bukit Jalil Malaysia – The Caterpillar Dome

After the 15 minute showcase we are then ushered to the caterpillar dome. here the cars are showcased in a static manner, where you can see the cars and take photos of them.

Here the first car that i saw is the new Polo edition. I was told that the difference would be the “Boa Vista” 16 inch rims installed and the Polo is given front foglamps. On the interior the head unit is a RCD 310 with Media in where this is the same Head unit as the Golf. The new Polo will also come with hill hold assist, which means that the car will not slip backward when you lift the brakes during D mode.

It would be great if VGM would introduce some kind of upgrade package to the existing Polo owners, as it was not too long before this updated Polo is introduced and there were so many more features for just additional RM 5,000 from the current Polo.

Next up is the newly launched Polo GTI with a lot more features installed compared to the standard Polo, but of course with a higher price tag.

Then you have the Golf GTI SE edition where the rims are also similar with those on the Polo GTI and a long list of features.

At the end of the dome you will see the new Touareg.

All in all i feel that this is a really very impressive motor show that Volkswagen have come up with, but only the waiting time is pretty long and i was already out of the domes in just less than half hour. Feels like we did not have enough information about what is the technology of TSI and DSG in this motor show, rather just able to see the cars.

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  1. Hi, i like POLO GTI. But i worry if i made a wrong decision. Do you recommend I to buy it?

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