Volkswagen Beetle – in Red


This was taken a while back during one of my relative’s wedding, lucky Peter !


This is the first time i have ever got into the Volkswagen Beetle. I didn’t really enquire about the specifications of the car, but i am thinking it should be the 1.6L variant generating 101hp, hope the owner don’t come killing me for simply guessing :p


Interior was simple but i was totally surprised by the spacious feeling when i got into the car. This should be due to the long front dashboard, it really does feel that the car was bigger compared to the exterior that made it look small..


The RPM dial looks cute as it is so small compared to the speed meter. I managed to take this baby for a spin around the housing area, and the quick conclusion that i can get from the 2 minute drive is that it gives u total continental feeling, as the gas pedal is a bit retarded compared to jap cars.


beetle-10 beetle-11


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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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