Updated – New Honda Civic 2009 Malaysia is here ! Pics from Showroom


Managed to visit a showroom in Seksyen 13 today during lunch time. Inside the showroom they only displayed the 1.8L facelifted Civic. So the hexagon tail lights are in place and is not octagonal.

I was told by the sales representative that the rear lights uses some kind of bulb which is one grade lower than LEDs, so its brighter than normal bulbs but not as bright as the actual LEDs that you find on the Audi or BMW..

Also noticeable is there are 4 reverse sensors installed on the rear bumper, 2 more sensors compared to the previous.


The front received treatment on the bumper and also the grille. They say that the bumper now is similar to the ones that is installed on the Civic Type R.

The headlights are also different, where the inside is colored in dark grey / black. I guess this gives the more fierce look onto the Civic.

So this is what i saw in the showroom. For the 2.0L variant there was only the test drive car, so we asked if we could check it out. The Sales representative, Mr. Ong was very accommodating and he said wait a moment and he went out and drove the car over to the shaded spot for us 🙂


This is the 2.0L variant in black. We have a look around the car and suddenly i thought, why not ask for a test drive ?

Then Mr. Ong said “No problem, let me get the document for you to sign and we are off”. I was totally surprised, i thought there should be a long waiting list just to test drive this car !

Ok i hop on to the driver’s seat, make some seat and mirror adjustments. I have never driven the 2.0L and only tried driving the Civic 1.8L, so its pretty exciting for me !


The interior looks and feels solid as usual, with simple lines. But i was taken aback by the color of the seats and also the dash, as it was not completely black as i thought it was…

Its like navy blue kind of color and coupled with light grey materials. Well frankly speaking i don’t quite like the color matching scheme, but nevermind i proceeded with the test drive anyways.

This is a 5 Speed Auto with paddle shifters. As i was eager to try out the paddles, when i drove out of the showroom immediately i pressed “+” !

On the meter panel it displays “2” which means that i am on 2nd gear right now. After a few seconds the number went off. This means that it is back in auto shifting mode and not manual shifting.


In order for me to stay on manual shift mode, i have to pull the gear lever down to “S”. Then the car is constantly in manual shift. Frankly speaking, i was amazed by the power it had when in manual mode. It had a lot of low end torque and had no problems revving up to red line !

Gear shift was smooth with just a little bit of jerk during intervals as this is not a CVT gearbox.

The Electric steering was responsive and not to mention light.

I only managed to drive it around for like 5-10 minutes, but overall i was impressed by the power even when in auto mode because i felt that the engine did not even hesitate to revv till red line !

Also to mention that i think they have improved the sound proofing of the car, or the tyres were really good, as i can’t really hear external noise when driving.


The new rims are wrapped on Michelin Pilot Preceda series, no wonder the ride is so comfortable ! And i have to say that these rims look really much nicer than the current Civic !


Well Mr. Ong say that currently the price should be RM 129,980.00 OTR. For that kind of money i would say its ok to have this or even the previous model.

For pricing you can check the previous post here.

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5 Responses to “ Updated – New Honda Civic 2009 Malaysia is here ! Pics from Showroom ”

  1. wow..they give Michelin tyre ah…good good.
    Can’t wait to go back Malaysia to see the car

  2. Yeap they are the Michelin Pilot Preceda series. I am also using this series of tires on my Waja and i’ll have to say its pretty good and has more grip than the previous continental sime tyres.

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  4. i just love this car seen available in market, especially the black color, but can’t afford it for now, wait and see!

  5. Where do you find the color code/ trim for this 2009 Honda Civic ?

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