-Updated-New Honda City 2009 with Modulo Bodykit

Obtained a few more pictures from my friend on the new Honda City, like from those forward mails thingy hehe :p

This is the version of the New Honda City that comes with the Modulo Bodykit. I’d have to say that the City now looks even meaner with it !

How i wished that i was in Bangkok now to see this new City, it really made a huge leap from the current version, really more OOOmmmppphhhh !

The new City looks biggg from this pic, or was it because the picture looks stretched haha :p

Engine bay looks clean a neat, just the way i like it ! They should make the I-VTEC Logo bigger on the engine plate, so its more cool when you pop the hood :p

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

5 Responses to “ -Updated-New Honda City 2009 with Modulo Bodykit ”

  1. This new City model really2 amaze me…

  2. how to get new honda city front grill modulo?(don’t have in honda malaysia)

  3. I think these are Modulos in other countries and can’t get it here.

  4. That grille only available in Thailand, but in Malaysia there is no ori grille for that. But you can find it at acc shop.. RM7++

  5. iwant bodykit please contact with me my number 0092321669749

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