Updated – Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT Facelift Coming soon !


I went to the showroom in the weekend to check out the new Facelifted Lancer GT. On display is in red color.


For this facelift the front bumper and grille have been given new treatment, where you can see there is chrome lines around the bumper making it ala-evo-style.

The headlamps are still the same, not projector lights and no HID. The previous teaser image was not correct. Apologize for that.


What i understood is that the batch before the facelift is also having the same tail lights, so i guess there is no difference.

On a personal note, i think i am quite disappointed with the facelift, its as thought there are not much changes at all. To me the front though is 40% like evo style, but its not to my liking at all…..

The only thing worth buying for this facelift is the new White Color, but you will have to wait at least 1 month or more to get it. For this facelift there is 3 colors; black, red and white.


Then comes this Limited Edition of 10 units Lancer GT, where the Rims are gunmetal color, the front right bonnet got sticker “Spirit of competition”.


For this edition you will also get gunmetal rims which really looks nice on the white color 🙂



No subtle changes at the rear, except for the Ralliart sticker.


On the engine and interior department there were no changes, except that now there is auxilary input. The previous models did not have it.

So, the Facelift GT costs RM 123,980.00 on the road. It is said the limited edition costs RM 5,000.00 more.

So it costs RM 1,000.00 more compared to the previous model, don’t look that worth it to me.

To me, i will not go for the Facelift, i don’t like the new front look :p

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2 Responses to “ Updated – Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT Facelift Coming soon ! ”

  1. i’ve tested my friend gt its a little bit sluggish when i slam on the paddle. the look is nice but the performance is a little bit disapointing. but still i dunno why i still want 2 buy it. any suggestion of after market product that can boost it a littlee or maybe remapping the ecu

  2. Hi Murad, You should join the Lancer GT Club !!! Please visit their site http://forum.lancerzone.com/.

    I am sure you will get a lot of information on how to make your GT have more power 🙂

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