Upcoming 2012 Honda Civic Catalogue !

The new Civic was launched in Singapore a while back, so i would be expecting it to come over pretty soon. I got the SG Catalogue attached for your references on the specifications of the new Civic. You can see that the front grille was revised with a more refined look of sophistication. Every Civic comes with a 5″ Screen for information to the driver. You can get to see more pictures in the catalogue. And yes there is also a push start engine button.

I saw that the engine output remains pretty the same compared to the current Civic. But all will come with paddle shifters except hybrid, unlike now where only the 2.0 variant have paddle shifters. But then again this is the specs for Singapore, i guess it might be different for Malaysia.


On a personal note to the exterior design, i think the current Civic looks more simple with clean lines, whereas the new Civic looks pretty too sophisticated to my liking.

Here is the PDF version of the catalogue : HondaCivic


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