Up close and personal in front of my house….. with the Ferrari F430 !

This is the day that i did not thought that it would not come so fast haahaa :p But note that its not mine hahahahhaa

When i rushed home, i saw the Prancing Horse parked right in front of my house, totally unbelievable !! This is crazy !!!

Thanks to my brother, he managed to ask his friend Mr. M  F to stay a bit longer so that i can have a feel of the F430 !

He was really friendly to let us take a few shots with his Red Baby :p Also  he started the car and my goodness, the engine note is really music to the ears !!! I got in, wind down the window and took a shot :p

Then my legs got really itchy…. I stepped on the gas pedal and whooosshhh the revv goes up to 5000 RPM !!! Think the neighbours around me would be cursing like mad as the engine awoke them from their afternoon nap !

I feel like i am from the forest, as i had no idea how to open the door when i was inside LOL. Had to call the friend over to help me out :p

This is the craziest day ever, gonna mark it on my life calendar; “Today i sat in a Ferrari F430 !”

I hope to get more shots of this baby in the near future ! Thanks again !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

2 Responses to “ Up close and personal in front of my house….. with the Ferrari F430 ! ”

  1. The Prancing Horse, lucky you!
    What’s the difficulty of opening the door from the inside then?

  2. The door lever looks like its part of the door, so i really had no idea that it was the door lever haha, too bad i was in a rush, else i would have taken a photo for you to see haha :p

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