Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Last week i had a tyre puncture at my rear-left tyre. It was really unexpected, as i could not feel anything at all during driving. ! There was no sound, no swerving to the left, it was just like normal.

I went home to wait for my parents to have dinner, and don’t know why i just had a feeling something is wrong. So i got down from the car to take a look around my car and there i see it, the rear left tyre is flat… bummer !

So it got me thinking, if i had been speeding with this tyre, i think i am really in trouble ! I have heard about these Tyre Pressure Monitoring system thingy, where they install some devices into your tyres and then you can check your tyre pressure over a monitor real-time.

This is really a good thing to have, after the experience that i have !

So i went surfing around to get more information about this and stumbled upon this local Malaysian website : http://www.advancedsensors.com.my/index.html (I am not trying to hardsell here, just info!)

So this device gives out readings to this monitor so that you can see in real time the pressure in all your four tyres.

It is also important to know that tyres which are not properly inflated will give effect to your fuel consumption too and also the lifespan of your tyre.

So it really makes you think and think, whether the investment is well worth it…. I think when i get my bonus i might install it, see how 🙂

My feeling is that this stuff should cost like RM 600-800, depending on type of technology…oh we shall see how it goes 🙂

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