Toyota to Recall 2010 Prius

It seems that the 8 million Toyota Recall has not ended. Toyota plan to recall its 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid model after some complaints regarding its brake.
Toyota will be recalling at least 311,000 with 103,000 in the United States and 176,000 in Japan. Two other model is also under investigation if it should be recalled, including Lexus HS250h and Toyota Sai.

The reasoning behind the problem is as follows:-

The Prius and other hybrid models also rely on electronic systems that combine regenerative braking with conventional brake pads, so that the battery can absorb as much energy as possible while the pads do most of the work of stopping the car. Toyota has determined that the problem occurred as the car switched from regenerative to conventional brakes just as the anti-lock brake system kicked in.

Source: NYTimes

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  1. This is an important safety problem that needs to be addressed. It does not help to promote the image of Toyota unfortunately.

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  4. But Toyota is gentle enough to do recall …what happen if they just ignore the problem…

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