Toyota to face lawsuit for shrinking resale value

I feel the pinch for Toyota. As one of the most reliable car brands, they are now faced with really huge trouble with all the recent recalls of their vehicles and even their Hybrid Prius is subjected to recall…

To make things even worse, In the US there have been a lot of lawsuits filed over the shrinking resale value of the cars. They are seeking economic damages for reduced or lost value of a recalled Toyota vehicle.. which may potentially cause Toyota about USD 2 Billion. This is only in the US, imagine if all other countries in the world is also filing this kind of suit….

I really wonder how is this recall affecting the current Malaysian perception / market on Toyota cars.

This is really a harsh situation for Toyota, as they were touted as one of the reliable car brands.

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2 Responses to “ Toyota to face lawsuit for shrinking resale value ”

  1. This is bad for toyota….alll their good job along these years have come to naught.

  2. No one is insured against mistakes!!!

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