Toyota Test Driver Died in Crash involving Lexus LFA

Toyota’s cheif test driver, Hiromu Naruse, 67 years old, has dies in a crash on highway 410 near Nürburgring race track in Germany. Naruse-san has joined Toyota since 1963 and is so-called the Godfather of the Lexus LFA.

This is a prototype of a special edition of the Lexus LFA which crashed head-on to a BMW with two other test drivers. While the BMW drivers survived, but one is in critical condition. Plus both victims were wearing helmets.

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2 Responses to “ Toyota Test Driver Died in Crash involving Lexus LFA ”

  1. The LFA is going to be a sweet car.. unfortunate for the creator though I hope that Lexus does something to honor his legacy..

    other odd thing is that they were driving against each other..

  2. Totally agreed, may he rest in peace…..

    I thought Nurburgring was a one way track, didn’t know that cars can come on the opposite direction…..

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