Toyota Prius PHV the Plug-in Hybrid

Almost everyone in the car industries is moving towards the greener technology with less emission. Just last week Toyota delivered one of five Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid PHV to its Quebec provincial partners at a ceremony. There will be 500 of this hybrid next year January to be put on the road in USA, Europe and Japan.

The Prisu PHV features includes:-

  • Extended EV driving mode of up to 14.5 miles at 62 mph.
  • CO2 emissions cut to less than 60g/km
  • Full recharging in around an hour and a half from a 230-volt supply (this is impressive)

The most imporant of this change is the fuel consumption of the Prius Plug-in will be reduced to 1.75-liters per 100 kilometers (161 mpg), which double the distance of the current Prius

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