Toyota may consider pulling out of Formula 1 next year


A while back Toyota’s motorsport President John Howett mentioned that its team will not participate in the F1 next year if the new ruling introduced by FIA was not changed.

Seems that there is a new ruling that places a cap on the budget for the team to only 40 million euro. This would be introduced next year. It is said that this ruling is to encourage small teams participate in Formula 1 and at the same time retaining the existing teams so that it is lesser chance for them to get into financial trouble.

But John claims that this move will create a two-tiered championship and this comment was also supported by Ferrari’s president Luca di Montezemolo, citing unfairness.

But frankly speaking, i am not really sure why this budget cap would create tiering in the championship, i mean, everyone’s budget is gonna be the same, so i can’t see where is the unfairness of this regulation.

Well maybe some readers can enlighten us on this :p

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  1. I’m not sure about this. But i hope it is a good move. and I have not heard Toyota doing well in formula one either. If they are pulling out, maybe it does not really affect the fan that much, since ferrari is more popular.

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