Toyota FT EV 2012


Toyota will officially release a battery powered car by 2012, Toyota FT EV. It will also be featured by Toyota at this Detriot Motor Show. I like the idea of compact car as it is gaining popularity especially in Malaysia due to easier parking space, better maneuver in traffics and also provides a better gas mileage. This car just reminds me of the Smart for 2, but with a 4 seats capacity.

It does share some similarity with Toyota iQ but this will be strictly electronically powered. Toyota FT EV is currently expected to drive up to 50 miles per charge. It would most probably a electric socket plug-in version, but yet to be disclose.

toyota-ft-ev-1 toyota-ft-ev-2 toyota-ft-ev-4

toyota-ft-ev-5 toyota-ft-ev-6

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