Toyota Camry Facelift in Malaysia


The Camry received its facelift recently here in Malaysia. Most notably is the front grille-bumper changes. I’d have to say that this facelift have really a lot more difference compared to the previous.

There are still the same 3 variants available :

2.0 E – RM 144,900

2.0G – RM 154,990

2.4G – RM 174,990

All prices inclusive of Insurance.


Also you will get new wheel designs and also LED tail lamps. Seems that the LED tech is really making waves in the auto industry :p

Also there will be an AUX input on the center console for you to plug in phone or MP3 Players as music source.

Power figures :

2.0 G,E – 147 PS @ 6,000 RPM, 190 Nm torque @ 4,000 RPM

2.4 G – 167 PS @ 6,000 RPM, 224 Nm torque @ 4,000 RPM

The 2.4G variant comes also with the Keyless entry system where you only have a remote control. You go near the car and it will unlock automatically and then you can get in and……… Press the “Start” button to start your engine, coooooooollllllllll !!!!


I was totally surprised when i heard that the new Camry have got the engine start switch, didn’t imagine Toyota to put it in actually, but is cool !!! The only setback is i heard that the starter switch is only available for the 2.4 variant…

This new facelift is really worth waiting in my opinion for those who wants to get their hands on the Camry.


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