Top 5 Driverless Car Project

Driverless Car also known as autonomous car will most probably be available earlier that we would imagine as more and more companies ventures into different projects using technology to put your car to auto pilot mode. Despite the joy of driving would actually be gone, we believe many people will benefit from this technology as many commute long journey and goes through traffic daily. Hopefully it actually reduces accident rather than causing more accident.

Here is a view on the top 5 driverless car that we have compiled.

1. Google Driverless Car

The most famous of all is the Google Driverless Car that captures quite some attention in the recent years with the legalizing of driverless vehicle in public roads in Nevada, US. Google Driverless Car consist of a fleet of six Toyota Prius and an Audi TT. Their technology combines information gathered from Google Street View with artificial intelligence software,

2. Volvo SARTRE

Volvo’s Safe Road Trains for the Environment (SARTRE) program. Volvo is going by a different idea having a lead vehicle to guide a line of behind it through the journey so that the driver could work, talk on the phone, eat breakfast or anything you can imagine. Although this seems to be much more achievable, it still requires many more research.

3. BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW ConnectedDrive is now experimenting with a highly automated driving mode where it uses a new ultrasonic scanners and laser to re-read the road surface, lines and surrounding vehicles. The re-read is because it needs to have road data downloaded in order to be autonomous.

4. GTRI Autonomous Porsche Cayenne (CUSTD)

Georgia Tech Research institute (GTRI) has also venture into a driverless car they they demo them to the US Army. GTRI’s Collaborative Unmanned Systems Technology Demonstrator (CUSTD)’s robotic car consists of two RC planes and a Porsche Cayenne. The two RC Planes provide the navigation with novel sensors and open standards-base communications and interfaces. They are also equip with GPS for navigation. Aircraft requires human guidance during takeoff but it becomes autonomous after taking off.

5. Volkswagen Golf GTi 53 + 1

53 is named after the famous VW Herbie who could drive itself and talk. The +1 represents its self-driving. Like Herbie, the VW Golf GTi 53+1 is build to be tested on race courses and achieve remarkable results by matching the time of practiced professional drivers. But it was not built to talk. The top speed of this GTi 53 + 1 is 150 mph. This is simply superb.

The sixth may not be a driverless car to replace human in the the daily driving. But Mercedes-Benz will have a starting point when they decides to venture into Autonomous Driving.

6. Mercedes-Benz Automated Driving

Although the goal is slightly different as Mercedes-Benz is having this technology to test their vehicle rather than to assist human on their daily task of driving.

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