Thought of the day : New Honda City 2009, Would I trade-in my Proton Waja for it?



With the launch of the new Honda City 2009, the i-VTEC powerplant pumps out about 120HP, which is about 15-20HP more than my Waja. We do not have the fuel consumption figures yet for the new City, but i am sure it should be economical even though with the increase of horsepower.

Out of boredom i did some math calculation with regards to fuel consumption comparisons.

So far the Waja gives about 8-9KM / L while i am assuming that the City could give about 14-15KM/L.

For 500KM the Waja would need about 62L while the City only needs about 34L.

At the current oil price of RM 1.80, you will have to pay RM 111.60 for the Waja while the City RM61. That is about RM 50 savings.

My average mileage for a year is roughly 15K KM, which means 1 year i get to save RM 1500.

So lets say i sell my Waja now and i get back RM 5000. I will have to fork out another RM 5000 to make RM 10K downpayment for the City.

Considering if i take a 7 year loan @ 2.8% interest, i would have to pay maybe about RM 1050 per month, that is RM 400 more than what i am paying now !

So in 1 year i save RM 1500 on fuel, but i end up paying RM 5500(Including the pro-rated additional downpayment) more per year which is -RM4000. Is this really worth it, for better looks a bit, a new car and 3 year warranty ?

Even though this new City really looks great, my final answer will be, NO i will not change my Waja for it !

But anyway i am just doing the math based on mileage, i know there is still loads of factors to be taken into consideration in this comparison. Just a thought.

Since I already own a car now, sometimes i really wonder, what will actually be the main factor that makes you want to your change car ?

p/s : If you would really ask me, i would rather get a Celica !

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8 Responses to “ Thought of the day : New Honda City 2009, Would I trade-in my Proton Waja for it? ”

  1. Buying a new car is definitely no worth it. So what can you do? Blog more for more income until you can afford the New Honda City. 🙂

  2. How can you reject the best car of Year 2009 that looks perfect for you? You’re mean.

  3. Hahahaha please don’t get me wrong on this, i also agree with you that it is really a good car, no doubt about that ! Its just that it will not be that worth it for me to change a car now, maybe until i finish servicing my loan, then only will think about it.

    But i think that time maybe another new Honda City will be out already :p

    p/s :Oh Jessen, i am really not being mean, its just not practical for me to change my car right now :p

  4. Hah! by the time you finished your loan you still will come back to this situation. For the waja will depreciate like a rock tied to a deadman’s feet and thrown into the ocean.

    Try calculating the value of the waja after your loan, look in the classified for the value. then you should realize that all the time your money towards your loan is just to service the depreciation.

    How many cars do you actually plan to change this lifetime. I’d say any man would be lucky to have 7 different cars. (7 years loan each = 49years) Life really is short. either you live it or you dream it.


  5. Pandankia : i love your quote saying that life is short, either u live it or you dream it ! Will think about what you have just mentioned, thanks for your advise !


  7. Mohamad: I think the price is around 20k depending on model and condition.

  8. I’m driving the same car as you, same color(think its cool) but since I have a manual, am getting more than 11-13km/l. Besides more acceleration and power than a H.City, I have extra money left over to pay for my condo too! I dun think the City can return a 14-15km/l as its an auto, so its manufacturer’s claims and you know how the Japs like to bullshit about that. New Waja looking like the Lancer GT coming out, so can exchange with higher trade-in value to Proton, ha!ha!

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