The Horse and the Bull


I was having drinks with my friends the other day and was talking about car (as always). The topic of Ferrari came up and we were looking at the cars that Ferrari had to offer. Of course many of them would say that the greatest Ferrari overall would be the Enzo Ferrari and i do agree with them but I am not really a big fan of the Ferrari (any of you out there that would be kind enough to give the car to me….. I wouldn’t mind!…..Seriously). I always have the impression that many people that I know or people that I have small talks with would know what a Ferrari is. It’s a kick ass car that only super rich people can own. Due to the promotion of Ferrari, many people ranging from low income to high income  earners would know that this car is expensive and nice. My point is that if you ask a person that has no interest in cars or not know about the car industry would actually know the brand Ferrari. For example, if you ask a rubbish collector what a Ferrari is, I would bet my Nissan Badge that they know what it is.


No doubt that the Enzo Ferrari is a good car overall, with great looks and power but it doesn’t interest me. However if you park a Lamborghini Gallardo beside an Enzo that’s a different story. The Lamborghini give me the impression that puts a tingle to my spine. When i see it, only one thing crosses my mind, “Wow!” or “Holy Sh**” its a Lamborghini. The design is really out of this world and really created something that makes out the words “Super car”. Now a Lamborghini in where I come from is pretty rare and I have seen more Ferraris’ here then a Lamborghini.


Now back to my point, the Lamborghini is not as famous here (well to those who does not know about cars) as other countries. I have noticed that when a Lamborghini zooms pass a few of my customers or my aunts, they would say, “Wow, that car is fast, I think its a Ferrari”. I am not saying that everyone is like that and I don’t blame them. When I told them its not a Ferrari but a Lamborghini, they would actually say “Lambo what?”. Well in general, I would say not many people know about one of the greatest car ever built that is the main competitor for the Ferrari.

So to the Ferrari fans out there, I am not saying that Ferrari is not a good car but in my point of view it’s just a norm that in many peoples mind when you see a fast car that is red, yellow or black and looks freaking sporty, the Ferrari will be wondering on their minds.


About the Author

When I was a little younger, I never had the interest in cars at all. Somehow it picked it up when I was in high school and oh yeah did I mention my dad and brother loves cars as well? I am more of a Japanese Car lover then any other car but don’t get me wrong I like the rest as well. Let’s just say that Jap cars are the first on my list. Drifting, racing circuits and rallying, these are the thing that I love to do but I can’t! Well let’s just say I don’t have the skills for these kind of things. So the only thing I do is occasionally drive fast on the road when I am provoked by a much slower car or in par. "All you need to see is my tail light" turboturtle

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