The Honda S2000

The s2000 was introduced to the world in 1999 and it was great looking sports car to own. Like it ancestors (S500, S800), the Honda roadster looks sporty and elegant when driving around and I would say with another marvellous engineering by Honda. With compact and safety in mind, the Honda S2000 is made out of a monocoque chassis (think of it as you are sitting on a tub, similar to many sports cars like he Enzo Ferrari and the Formula 1 cars). With their probable target to the SLK and the BMW Z4 in the future, the Honda S2000 could add a more powerful engine and it could be bigger from the interior point of view with seats at the back and a probable 4-door version. These are just speculation as Honda will only come out to the public in 2009 or later on their plans.

I have tested the S2000 a few weeks back and the experience was good for a considerably small car. The first thing I find a problem is the space of the car where it barely fit my large frame. I did not dare to take the car to the limit due to the clutch problem the he had but the power was definitely there when I tried it on the straights (well it has basically 240 plus horses on it as the one I tested was a stock 2002 Japan spec). If you read the other review on the web, the earlier version of the s2000 has fewer horses on it. Do not really know why they do so but I would think its due to the size of the car as it’s a relatively small framed car and moreover you don’t need the extra horses if you are not dragging with someone in your everyday driving. It all comes to the overall balance to the car. I feel that the car oversteers a little when taking the corners (or it could be my poor driving skill J).

Anyhow the cars design is pretty impressive with a short back with strictly 2 seats on the car (so if you have more then one chic to bring out on a date then don’t buy this car!). I strongly feel that Japanese cars feels like a toy car as when I was driving the car it does not feel solid maybe it’s the compactness if the car but I just feel like any European cars like the Bmer or the Mercs.

In short this car is a cool car to own with an RM180k but bot a very practical car to drive. I would much prefer this to the Mazda Miata for the looks and power but if price is not the matter in this case, the BMW z4 would be a great car to own drive.

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