Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster was officially launch on July 2006. This sleek looking car is actually 100% powered by electricity. Just like its sporty body, Tesla Roadster will actually go from 0 to 60mph in 3.8 seconds. Just like any sports car, the 2008 base model cost at a whooping $98,000, I wonder how long will it takes for you to gain back in fuel saving. Fuel consumption is none, and base on their website, you will be spending pennies per mile. A charge on this roadster will get your 244 miles. You will be able to bring the rev of this roadster until 14,000 rpm redline.

This Roadster is actually assemble in our own Proton’s owned company, Lotus factory at Hethal, England. Despite looking like the Lotus Elise, it carries less than 10% of Lotus Elise’s components.

Tesla will also be having a 5 seater car, with the name of Model S. This will be produce at the latest plan of having the manufacturing plant at San Jose, California.

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