Tesla Model X

Tesla is set to include crossover that will seat 7 in their production line-up. The Model X will be ready for 2014 and it will be an EV. Also this CUV will not just be some normal EV but a pretty fast one. The top model is said to be clocking from 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. Two different battery specifications that is available, a 60kwh for an estimated 200 miles range or a pricer 85 kwh battery pack for an estimated 285 miles.

The body of the Model X is said to be made alluminum. Also it is design with unique ‘falcon wing’ doors system for the rear passenger. It is said that an adult can stand inside it when the falcon wing doors are opened. The design as a whole looks quite stunning.

With all the great specification, Tesla Model X will not come cheap with the Model S listed at $67,400 for the 60kwh and the 85kwh goes for the price tag of $77,400. The AWD Model X will be pricier but no official price is released.

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