Tata Nano heading for overseas market

Tata Nano is no heading to Bangladesh next month then it will be followed by Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar. Yup, to our neighbouring countries that are already congested with cars, wonder if that would actually be an ideal move. Tata Nano distributor in Bangladesh is offered to Nitol Group. The target volume is 2,000 units a year with the target market in the outskirts area.

The price of the Nano will start at 4.08 lakh rupees which is about MYR 25,000. It is quit expensive compare to the most expensive Tata Nano LX which is selling at around US $ 3,705. But that might be due to parts which are imported, and economy of scale for the assembly line.

Wonder if Nana will land its footprint in Malaysia anytime soon. If will open up a lot of opportunity to motorist to own a car but is our road ready for an increase amount of vehicle?

Source: IndianAutosBlog

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