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Stock Toyota Supra to a 900-hp Supra

Toyota Supra was one of the coolest car of that time and even now. This is a diary of a person who finally got his Toyota Supra and demanded more power and more power over time.

New Toyota Supra by Andreas Fougner

New Toyota Supra by Andreas Fougner

While waiting for Toyota to come out with the new Toyota Supra, Andreas Fougner came out with his own rendering of the new Toyota Supra. Although the front might look a little like the Nissan 350z but the whole car look quite awesome, especially the tailight and te huge vent. Just wondering if this will […]

Toyota FT-HS - Hybrid Sports

Toyota FT-HS – Hybrid Sports

Toyota FT-HS has previously showcased in the North American International Auto Show and again showcased in 2010 KLIMS, Malaysia. Some has also said that this could be a Toyota Supra replacement. It is a front engine, rear wheel 2+2 hybrid sports car. It features a unique retractable roof that folds into the rear seat space. […]