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Lexus LFA vs Honda NSX

It is not quite a racing cause we know who will win with almost 20 years of technology putting them apart. Both of these are supercars of Japanese top consumer car manufacturer who has been focusing more on reliability, comfortability, safety, and fuel economy than speed. It is interesting to see Honda NSX to be […]

Lexus LFA AD-X Prototype at Nurburgring

Lexus LFA AD-X Prototype at Nurburgring

Lexus is said to be testing a series of their LFA supercars and this is the third car spotted at Nurburgring bearing the code AD-X at its fender. This LFA AD-X looks to be aggressive with the front bumper lip and the little fin to increase downforce at the front. Quite similar to the Lexus […]

Lexus LFA Drift Video

How often do you get to bring a supercar for a drift on a parking lot? This car event in Japan is burning some rubber and drifting with the 550hp Lexus LFA.

Lexus LFA Speedometer Video

Like the majority of the people, there is little to no chance that we will be able to sit at the cockpit of most supercars and watch the speedometer rise. So here is your opportunity to do so by taking this Lexus LFA to 260 km/h and having a look at the Launch Control in […]

Toyota/Lexus tribute to Hiromu Naruse

Hiromu Naruse, 67 years old, the cheif test engineer of Toyota Motor Corporation. He died near Nürburgring race track in Germany on June testing a prototype of special edition of the Lexus LFA which crashed head-on to a BMW with two other test drivers. Hiromu Naruse has dedicated 47 years of his life pursuing perfection […]

Lexus LFA Advertisements

Lexus LFA Advertisements

Lexus LFA, the exotic Lexus Supercar is advertising the LFA breaking a champagne glass with the sound from its muffler.

Lexus LFA Review & Comment (Video)

This is the very first supercar by Lexus LFA, and selling at Lexus’s cost price of £340,000 (somehow a lot expensive compare to the estimated $370,000) it is a little expensive if you are comparing to those car that perform in the same range but taking the workmanship and the material into consideration, it is […]

2011 Lexus LFA Videos

See below the stunning video of the LFA on the track !