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BMW S 1000 RR Gymkhana ft Audi R8

Did not know that you can do Gymkhana on a bike honestly. I assume that it is tougher since you will need to balance the speed and your drift. Audi R8 only comes in later in the part of the video.

Gymkhana Exhibition with Nissan Leaf NISMO RC

Gymkhana Exhibition with Nissan Leaf NISMO RC

Watch a series of professional drivers race within a Gymkhana track made with Cones. Although it does not seems that exciting without the burning wheels, drifting and without the noise pollution, it is still cool for Nissan Leaf to bring the electric car to be able to compete in racing events. The car driven in […]

Polish Gymkhana on a BME 3 Series E30 Coupe

We are getting more Gymkhana video since Ken Block releases a series of video featuring his Gymkhana stunts. Although the video does not seem to be a full stretch video but they had some props of their own like the Tank, and the mirrors.

Ken Block Gymkhana Four

Yes, this was release quite a while ago but we did not post it up. This time Ken Block’s Gymkhana Four is taken at Universal Studio. Although it still looks great and exciting watching KB doing his gymkhana, it seems much more commercial now.

Gymkhana 2.1 Ken Block VS Dyrdek

Here comes Ken Block again this time with his buddy Rob Dyrdek with another breathtaking video of his stunts !