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BMW MZ8 Concept Design

BMW MZ8 Concept Design

This is quite a stunning concept design of the M specs BMW Z8 by Christophe Jourd’hui. From sketch to design and then to 3D modelling and finally adding the final animation. I like that design having the automatic rear spoiler to provide downforce at highspeed. The rim bearing a thin red and blue lining does […]

BMW i8 Detail Concept Video

BMW will be going through a lot of testing and refinement before they enters the hybrid and electric vehicle market. The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid concept that combines the BMW i3 Concept electric drive train together with a 3-cylinder combustion engine producing 220 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque at rear. Acceleration from […]

Video Revealing BMW M3 Lightweight

BMW has also launch a limited edition BMW M3 lightweight but the specification is yet to be release. The idea is similar to BMW M3 GTS which focus on lighter weight ontop of the powerful 450hp on the GTS.

2012 BMW Concept M5

2012 BMW Concept M5

There was a private launch of the 2012 BMW Concept M5 to a small group of journalist in Munich, Germany, it is suppose to be a close presentation, but it seems it was still release on some car blog. But no specification was release so we will have to wait until the official release. Also […]

BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept

The new BMW 6 Series will be expected to be release soon as it is the oldest model in BMW lineup. Previously we have seen the BMW 6 Series Spied Video and it was featured at the Paris Motor Show as a Concept Car.

BMW GINA Light Visionary Concept Car

Recently we have posted BMW Vision, which is a concept car that is displayed in BMW’s Headquarter in Germany. While this is another concept car name, BMW GINA light visionary concept car. Its design is simply superb as the body flex accordingly when the door is open, when the head lights winks and also when […]