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Automotive News Update QuickLinks #15

Friday automotive news update from DailyTorque:- [News] Flying Car closer than we thought – will debut next year [News] 1,119 months in prison for carjacking – wish they do that here in Malaysia [Weird] You have car insurance, why not consider divorceinsurance [Funny] Did I tell you that it is hard to build a car […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #14

Yes, it is friday again, and this week featuring on our DailyTorque QuickLinks:- [Fun] This is most probably where the idea of flying car comes from. – Video Below [Dumb] Do not hit the police car when you are driving a stolen car. [Dumb] Cheeseburger is not gas, pass the cheeseburger to me. [News] 19-year-old […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #13

This week featured in our Automotive News update is as follows:- [Odd] A Bear took the car for a ride downhill and get stuck – pretty hilarious for the bear to be in a moving vehicle and stuck. [News] Women are less likely to keep their car clean – Ha..that is something new I learn […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #12

Update on the Automotive Industries for week #12:- [Odd] Student towed their custom made hybrid to competition when it is cheaper to just drive – So many bright student but someone should at least think of this. [Tech]2011 Subaru Outback slaps with WiFi – A competition to Citroën WiFi On-Board? [News] Whitesell drove a car onto […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #11

This week we have some interesting quick automotive updates as follows:- [Interesting] – Audi R8 V8 Supercharged by Group faster than V10 – Video [New Tech] – Citroën WiFi On-Board – Video – But still requires a Broadband USB Dock by mobile phone provider to broadcast the WiFi from your car. [Odd] Auto Worriors – […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #10

It is now our tenth friday since we first started this Automotive News QuickLinks. Here is some quite car news:- [Green News] Flying Car should be available next year – from Terrafugia Transition [Car Tech] Driving while Blind – Great news for blind people [Green News] Car Fuel made from CO2 and Sunlight [Humor] Dog Chew […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #9

TGIF, Thank God it’s Friday, few hours more we are back to our weekend mode. Some update for this week automotive news:- [Note] Kids can climb into hot cars and get trap – A lot of kids died from heat and exhaustion inside car or truck [Odd] Women Fell from 3rd story to a Car […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #8

Friday is here again ! whoohoo. And some quick catch up on some of the news happening this week around the automotive industry:- $2.93 million Bugatti Veyron Model made of Gold – More expensive than the actual car at $1.7million Hybrid Retrofit System in 6 hours – This is some cool Hybrid DIY Kit Flying […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #7

Another week has passed, but this week is slightly different with the World Cup so lets start with some news related to the Worldcup relating to our Automotive News:- South African President Nelson Mandela granddaughter died in a car crash returning from the World Cup soccer tournament’s kick-off concert. Our deepest condolences. Driving in South […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #6

Week 6 of our Automotive News Update. And this week we got some interesting read about the car industry:- Most overpriced 2010 Cars – by comparing consumer satisfaction rating and their price, so are you driving one of this overpriced cars? Ssangyong Motor has seven bidders – Renault-Nissan, India’s Mahindra and Ruia Groups respectively, Seoul […]