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BMW S 1000 RR Gymkhana ft Audi R8

Did not know that you can do Gymkhana on a bike honestly. I assume that it is tougher since you will need to balance the speed and your drift. Audi R8 only comes in later in the part of the video.

Race of Champions Nations Cup 2011

Race of Champions (ROC) is an international motorsport event that brings the world’s best racing and rally drivers together together end of each year. Stars from F1, World Rally Championship, NASCAR, and touring cars are expected to compete each other in two identical cars. This year it was held on December 3 and 4 in […]

Catch of the Day : Audi R8 White

Catch of the Day : Audi R8 White

Just the front headlights alone will make you froze on your steps if you happen to see the R8 in the real deal ! I happen to see this baby at one of the Exotic car seller shops. The 4.8 V8 FSI resides in the garage and i was just quite stoned when i saw […]

Audi R8 Advertisements

I did not know that Audi R8 needs an Advertisements to sell. I think having this car on Ironman would already do pretty well to market this car. It is an old ads, but just want to share them to our reader.

Audi R8 V10 vs the V8

Last week, Euromobile released its 2-cylinder larger Audi R8 V10 for the first time in Malaysia. Previously we have seen the Audi R8 V8 at Naza Showroom, and wondering if we will be able to see the V10 there as well. With the V10 engine, it gives an extra 104bhp to 518bhp from the 414bhp […]

Drag Race Video Between 5 Supercars

A drag race between 5 supercars of different manufacturers. On the line up we got an Audi R8, Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560, Maserati Gran Turismo and Mercedes Mclaren SLR Coupe. This would be one of the most expensive drag race you will find, costing more than a million dollars. It takes the Mercedes 11.8 […]

Jeremy Clarkson on Audi R8

Check out the review provided by Jeremy on the Audi R8 :-

Driving Audi R8 V10 during the Rain

Rarely we see a car being tested in an raining condition, and from the look of it, if this car could take such a fast corners during the rain, it could do more damage without the water. Take a look at the 29 secs, and you know that this is a great car to be […]

Audi R8 @ Naza Showroom

Audi R8 @ Naza Showroom

Here are snaps taken from the showroom of the new Audi R8 which is available in Malaysia ! Frankly speaking Naza should car their showroom as a “DreamCar” showroom, there are so many wonderful cars there ! The “eyes” of this car is so breathtaking, too bad i can’t see the LED lights when it […]

Audi R8 Blackbird

Audi R8 Blackbird

Audi R8, codename Blackbird is a superb car for those who likes gadgets. This mean looking machine is equipt with 4 GPS, 2 radar detectors, a police scanner, CB radio, kill switch for all rear lights, high-speed broadband Internet with Wi-Fi running on a tablet PC, power ports, takedown lights, a remote-controlled exhaust bypass valve, […]