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Honda Asimo is Faster and Smarter

Wow, this robot sure can run for a robot. Watch the video, Asimo can even hop, serve drinks, move backwards and turn. These artificial inteligent is simply brilliant.

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #24

Back to Friday, just started my new job and back to some interesting updates on the Automotive world:- [News] – New Stig to replace Schumi, and it will be white¬†– Video below [News] Jenson Button escape arm attack at Brazil [Apps] Race your ASIMO at the Suzuka circuit on iPhone or Android [Cool] Fastest available […]

Honda ASIMO's iPhone App

Honda ASIMO’s iPhone App

For you ASIMO fans out there, here is an iPhone app for you to play ! This is actually an app that uses the device’s accelerometer to calculate how many steps you take. The more steps you take and you will level up quicker. You will see ASIMO evolve from the first generation to the […]

IS this for real ??? Honda's ASIMO now is controlled by thoughts !

IS this for real ??? Honda’s ASIMO now is controlled by thoughts !

I really don’t know what to say, seriously !!!!! Honda’s motto “Power of dreams” really bring chills down my spine, as they are really living the dream !! Apparently now the ASIMO robot is able to be controlled by a human without even having to press any buttons; they just simply think of it !!!!

Updated – Honda Malaysia – ASIMO @ 1 Utama – Part 2

A few more videos of Asimo from 1 Utama below : This is Asimo Dancing with the kids ! This is Asimo serving drinks ! This is Asimo kicking a ball !

Honda Asimo @ 1 Utama - Facts

Honda Asimo @ 1 Utama – Facts

Here are some photos of information regarding this amazing android created by Honda during their roadshow @ 1 Utama. See the evolution from Asimo on the pics above, i really didn’t know that this project had already started back in the 80s ! See more improved advancements of Asimo at the next page :

Updated - Honda Malaysia - ASIMO @ 1 Utama - Part 1

Updated – Honda Malaysia – ASIMO @ 1 Utama – Part 1

I managed to visit this roadshow happening @ 1 Utama on Sunday with turboturtle. The timeslot that we managed to catch was @ 5.30pm. Its a huge roadshow at the main concourse area at lower ground floor. Unfortunately it ends today @ 1 Utama, but if you are in other state, do check out the […]

Honda Malaysia - ASIMO is on tour !

Honda Malaysia – ASIMO is on tour !

I know this is not related to any car things at the moment, but well, since Honda, a carmaker is developing this ASIMO robot like crazy, i was thinking well maybe in the future Honda cars will be controlled centrally by an ASIMO ? Haha sounds far fetched, but still, its the Power of Dreams […]