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Women Vs Parking Garage

This seems to be an old video from 2011 whereby this women driver tries to quickly drive through the garage door. Worst is not that she scratch the side of he vehicle. Have a look. Words just does not describe how clumsy you can be.

Audi R8 Caught in Flame in Mumbai, India

Audi R8 Caught in Flame in Mumbai, India

This happen on Sunday Afternoon at Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Mumbai, India. As you can see the car is burned into ashes above. This Audi R8 incident took place during the Parx Super Car Show, although video only shows Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and BMW below. Both driver and the passenger escape unharmed, but broke many hearts seeing […]

Malaysia Police Car Crash into Pasar

Malaysia Police Car Crash into Pasar

Found this via Facebook whereby this Mitsubishi Lancer crashed into the Pasar (meaning Market). The car look pretty fine but the airbag is deployed. Truly hope no one is injurt as most of this places are crowded with people walking at the street. “With great power comes great responsibility”

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #31

First Friday for the year 2011 and this is what we have on the automotive related news:- [Gadgets] You mobile phone will power your in-car entertainment soon [Dumb] Women Reverse Her Camaro to the Cop, on purpose – Video Below [Accident] Out of control car nearly hit a urinating man – Vide Below [Gadgets] Recharging […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #28

We missed one week because busy with the KLIMS post and this week we are back to our Friday special’s Automotive News QuickLinks:- [Stupid] Mitsubishi Evolution IX fall off dyno – ouch…gotta watch the video below [Celab] Beyonce buys Jay-Z a freaking Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport – Lucky him [Green] First mass-produced Nissan Leaf goes […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #27

Friday Autos News is reporting itself at Daily Torque, so this are some interesting car news of the week:- [News] Fight obesity …sorry car but walk or bike – there goes the torque [Dumb] 12-year old dies in I-81 due to reckless 18 year old driver [Celab] Tiger Woods Car Crash a year ago […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #21

Yup, today is Friday and here is some Automotive News for this week:- [Facts] Mercedes Benz SL Class are more likely to get ticket next follow by Camry Solara – Majority are female? [News] Two hurt when a Volvo Station Wagon Smashed into Restaurant [Car Gadgets] iPhone-Based Radar – looks cooler and less ticket [Miracle] […]