T.27 design by McLaren F1 Ex Designer

Gordan Murray is the designer of the T.27 (electric) and T.25 (3-cylinder engine) which gets 100 miles on $1.06 worth of power and 75 mpg respectively. He goest from designing McLaren F1 car to making a small and efficient vehicle seems to be a huge change, which we think is a great use of his talent.

The T.27 and T.25 measures in about 8 inches shorter than the Smart ForTwo but it seats 3. T.27 is powered by a 25-kilowatt electric motor sourcing from a lithium-ion battery while the T.25 is powered by a 3-cylinder 51 hp engine. It uses a Fighter Jet style door to have the back seat passenger going in and out of the car comfortably. It is said that with the back seat folded, the T.25 have a storage space equavilent to 6 shopping trolleys.

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