Shanghai : Nissan’s Friend-ME

Here you go, the Friend-ME concept shown here in full ! Radical, all i can say is Radical design ! Even the rear headlights are a real head turner, where it sports a 3D feeling protruding out from the body !

But well, the main attraction of this concept is not just the exterior, rather the interior. Dubbed the “Oracle-Stone” console, all 4 passengers will have access to all the information as the driver. While i am not sure how much important it is to share those info, but i guess it could help to look out for the driver as well ?

Here is Nissan’s Quote : “Our console is like an oracle-stone that gives the Friend-Me crew the power to look down the road ahead, over the horizon, through walls… to anywhere in the online world, As they cruise through an entertainment district, the console reveals the scenes playing out in each building they pass. We’ve anticipated where automotive online is destined to go – and it’s bound to be exciting.”


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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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