RON this RON that, whats this all about ?

There seems to be a lot of hype lately about the RON 95 fuel which will be introduced.

And a lot seems to worry whether our beloved cars can actually run fine if we opt for RON 95 instead of the higher priced RON 97 fuel.

So i checked around to find out what’s RON all about. it stands for “Research Octane Number”……………… ok i also don’t understand what that means at first.

Going deeper, the Octane number is actually a rating to tell you the ability of the gasoline to withstand from auto-ignition. This phenomenon is called “Knocking”.

So this means that, the higher the RON number, the higher its ability to withstand from “knocking” in the engine.

So, this means that higher RON number doesn’t really give you better performance, its just that the fuel is harder to auto-ignite !

Different engines are designed to work with different RON fuel grades. You should check your car manual or your fuel cap area to find out this information.

In short, i think most of the cars can be able to use RON 95 fuel without any difference compared to RON 97.

Unless you are driving performance car, then you may opt for the higher rating fuel, because “knocking” reduces the performance of the car. Then again, check the manual first.

I heard that the Civic Type R and Integra Type R are best with RON 100 fuel, but too bad there is no such fuel rating sold here, so i guess their performance are a bit lower compared to those Type Rs running in countries that have RON 100 :p

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  1. Well the Shell V Power is rated at RON 100 or RON 99 here. 🙂

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