RON 95 is @ RM 1.80 !


I was at the petrol Kiosk this evening to fuel up my baby with RON 95 fuel.

All this while i am pumping Mobil Synergy F1.

Now the Synergy F1 RON 97 is still having the same fuel pump color, purple.

For the RON 95 pump, it is orangish-red in color and writes “5000” i remember correctly.

So i swiped my credit card and waited for approval. Once approval, i took up the orangish-red fuel pump.

I was totally surprised when i saw that the fuel price reads RM 1.80, i thought it was RM 1.75 !!!!!!! Oh well……. guess i was outdated and very busy with my new ride lately and didn’t follow up with the news :p sorry my bad :p

After filling up , i started driving and i felt that the pick up was sluggish especially on low revs in D Mode, not really sure if it was psychological or not….

Will test out more driving situations and let you guys know.

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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