RevoZport’s BMW 1 M Coupe !

When i first saw this image, immediately i can feel that the picture is telling me, this is a Race Ready car ! Guys at RevoZport came up with an upgrade option for the BMW 1 M Coupe !

This upgrade increases about 115hp from the standard 335hp giving you a total of 450hp ! Sometimes i wonder how can this little car take so much power !

With this upgrade you get really a lot of stuff, from front splitters, the bonnet, skirts, wings and boot lid for the exterior department.

On the engine, you get a remapped ECU, Intercooler, Blow off valve, high intake air filters and a titanium exhaust system. Sometimes it feels like i am playing GT5 with these upgrade packages haha.

Just look at the gap between the tire and the fenders, too close to be true !

I can hardly see the new 1 series on the road, let alone the 1 M Coupe version…. but this kit is really a must have if you have that much dough to spare !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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