RC Drifting Video

Over the weekends I was looking for car stuff and videos and was stuck a while watching these RC drifting videos. Their controls on these care are simply superb, and best of all they could drift so closely to the curb when they are not actually sitting inside and feeling the car. But looking at their wheels, seems that their movement are not quite the same as actual, nevertheless, it still takes a lot of practice to do that I guess.

Here is another drifting video by RC fans from Sydney, Australia. This seems to be a competition.

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  1. Watching RC Drifting Video really cool, i was can across such videos last week, when i am searching some videos for may Dodge Pickup Trucks . Doing same i came across this post & once again i get excited to see the race, But i was disappointed by you because here are no videos 🙁

    Ok but I would like to share that video i had seen just take a review RC Drifting Video

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