Proton Waja 1.6 – My Ride – Part 7 – Shock Absorbers

Recently changed my shock absorbers as the stock ones started to have sound whenever going through bumps and stuff.

My friend introduced me to this locally manufactured absorbers called Greber. Well i never heard of it before. He said it was quite ok considering that i do not have a huge budget :p

But he did mentioned that my ride will be stiffer and the shocks are harder than the stock ones, so i took his word for it and changed it.

Here are just some pictures i took, okay okay i know my car is dirty :p I have also added this yellow “thing” on my springs, says that it will further cushion the ride on bumpy roads, like pressuring the springs so it does not bounce too much like that. Not too sure if this explanation is correct for that yellow “thing”, but that’s what i remember from the mechanic’s words. Maybe other gurus will know how to explain this “thing” better :p

For the first few days after installing the new shock absorbers, i noticed that the ride was noisy when crossing bumpy roads ! I was thinking, did my friend con me for this ???

So i called him up and he explained to me that these are gas filled absorbers, so for first few days it will be like that. So i believed and went on.

A few days later, indeed there is no more noise from the absorbers, ride is fine now 🙂

I haven’t tried taking a corner yet since i have these new shocks, will tell you guys later when i do it :p

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  1. I think they are designed by Rudiger Greber. Suspension tuning specialist from Germany. He was with Sapura and Speedworks before.

    He was advising Speedworks when they started to produce their own absorbers.

  2. tl : Thanks for the information ! I didn’t even know about that when i bought the shocks haha, just listened to my friend and got it :p

  3. i also never heard this brand b4 but the tokei kedai said it is comparable with apm & other leading brand, i do not believe but when i ask my friend, “never heard b4, must be cap ayam one” but after i read your article, now i believe the tokei kedai said… how much for this thing? the tokei kedai said, front = rm450.00 and rear = rm200.00. price without labor charge

    Please reply to me, my absorber already start ‘weird sound’ at the back….

    k h a i r u l . a m y . h i l m i @ g m a i l . c o m


  4. Hi, I am from KK, Sabah. I changed my 4 pcs of Wira absorbers to this new brand Greber upon recommendation from a workshop friend. At first, I was skeptical as I worry the Greber will not work well. But, I am happy with it now. The cornering is much improved. The passing over humps in the housing area is no more a problem. The road holding
    improved lots compared to the original b4 replacing. After experiencing so good on my Wira, I also used the same brand for my other vehicles such as Prado,Bighorn,Ninja and Kancil.So, I fully recommend this brand if anyone would like to replace their car absorbers.

    I believe if this brand Greber works on Sabah roads, elsewhere of Msia should not be a big problem considering the road condition here is much much tougher.

  5. I would like to buy Greber shock absorber too. I tried to find it here at my country but i didn’t get it. I live in Nepal. Please! suggest me. Thank you

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