Proton Waja 1.6 – My Ride – Part 5 – Modifications

Today i am going to talk about some minor modifications that i made to my lovely wife.
Have a look at the engine bay, it looks clean and uncluttered. At the middle is the engine,
where it has an engine cover. Frankly speaking, if it was not for the cover, it would look
rather ugly whenever you pop the bonnet open, as the engine wires are pretty messy. maybe
this was why there was an engine cover in the first place ! I did nothing to the engine,
left it stock at the moment.

I have added an K&N Drop in High Flow Air filter for my car to “breath” better. Actually
i am not really sure if you need to remap the ECU after you have added the filter. After
installing the air filter, the first difference that i felt was the sound of the engine.
When i revv the engine, it gives a much deeper and solid sound compared to the OEM air
filter. Fuel consumption wise i would say it was pretty much the same as previous. The
damage for this air filter was about RM 350.00

Then i installed a voltage stabilizer, but i am not too sure what is the brand. It comes
with grounding cables which is blue in color. It cost me about RM 150.00

The last thing i have installed is a gear box cooler. you must be wondering why i installed
this. The reason being that during driving long distance, like for a few hours non-stop, i
feel that transmission was a bit sluggish during transition from one gear to the next.

For your information this is an automatic 3 4 speed transmission. (Typo corrected, thanks Paul !)

i consulted my “expert” friend about this matter and he said that its common for waja to experience this as the gearbox heats up very easily. he offered to install this for me, which i gladly accept 🙂 Now it feels less sluggish even after long hours of drive during gearshifts. This costed me about RM 280.00, a special price 🙂

Finally i am riding on Michelin tyres Pilot Preceda 195 / 55 R15 with stock rims. I bought these tyres for almost 2 years already and at that time it was roundabout RM 240.00 per piece.

Check out later on the last part of my Wife review, on ICE (In Car Entertainment)

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

20 Responses to “ Proton Waja 1.6 – My Ride – Part 5 – Modifications ”

  1. Hey, nice review there about your wife. How is it doing now? Any plans to change car? 🙂

    Anyway, here is my story about my ex-wife, sold last year 😛

    Keep up the good work on your blog!


  2. Hey Andy,

    Haha i think it will be a while more before i will get to change another “wife” :p

    Still playing off loans for this car, so i think that will only be a few years down the road.

    So far my “wife” did not give me any problems, but the suspension is giving way already, i think its normal. Later on i will do a review on it once i have changed the suspension, do check back 🙂

    Wondering what is your new “wife” after your nice AD Resort :p

  3. Waja 1.6 = 4 speed auto I thought.

  4. ops, my bad for the typo error, already corrected, thanks Paul ! Hows your Perdana doing ? Or u have changed car already ?

  5. When it is time for you to choose your k&n air filter it really does pay to do lots of research

  6. i haven’t heard of a gearbox cooler,how does it looks like?where can i order this parts?

  7. my waja rpm is not functioning,any idea what’s wrong?tq.

  8. I suppose you will have to send your car to the workshop for a check, its pretty hard to find out whats wrong by ourselves…

  9. This modification is considered a bit “localized” i think, because is my friend who intro this to me. It works as a cooling mechanism to bring the temperature of the gearbox down. If you are interested you can mail me your contact number and i will get you the information.

  10. Its ok bro,i found the i just need more horse power n no idea wat to start with..

  11. HI, am looking for a second hand waja engine or any equivalent to it.

  12. i jus bought RM 17k 2003 1.6 (A) waja only…
    but still need to repair the engine part..
    is it cheap for the price?

  13. I think the price is good 🙂

    Do look out for the fuel pump as it is advisable to change it.

  14. it is the voltage stabilizer work ? how it effectation?

  15. Well i am not able to tell the obvious differences before and after installing the voltage stabilizer. The only slight difference i noticed is after installing this, when the air con compressor kicks in the drag of power(Where the lights will dim for a second) is not so big compared to previous.

  16. how did you intall the VOLTAGE STABILIZER dose it get hooked up strait to the battery

  17. I would like to know where u get the gearbox cooler.

  18. Yeah,me too. Where did you get the gearbox cooler? Can you send me some photos of it. Need to have a look at it also..

  19. Unfortunately my friend doesn’t do this anymore so i can’t get you the information. Maybe there are other cooler brands out there that you can source for. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  20. Hi there,
    Interesting post.
    Where to get the gearbox cooler? any recommendations ?

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