Proton Waja 1.6 – My Ride – Part 3 – Real Impressions

Alright so now the car have done 1000 KM, its time to open up the engine and revv it to the maximum !

The engine noise @ 6500 RPM was not really too loud, i expected it to be louder actually. The engine churns out about 104 HP if i am not mistaken. So i guess the standard noise reduction stuff that was installed is enough.

I tried doing 0-100 KM/h with just using transmission “D” and no downshifting, it took me like around 14-15 seconds.  Well it was ok, since its not a performance car anyways hehe.

Also tried taking corners at about 80 km/h, it was OK but felt like got a lot of body roll especially when getting back on a straight line.  For sure i can’t enter the corner with higher speed, i will definitely end up on the curb.

There is sufficient braking power, since it comes with 4 disc brakes.

But take note that this car does not come with ABS, so tires will lock if i brake too hard.

So actually overall, i am quite impressed with the performance of this car, it fared out pretty well, judging from the price that i am paying also also tonnes of not-so-positive comments about Proton cars…..

Check out Part 4 later about Fuel Consumption for my Car
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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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  1. Have you heard of ECU Remapping? I got a friend charging RM750 stage 1, RM850 stage 2 (stage 1+2) and RM950 stage 3. Call Elton: 012-9096996

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