Proton Satria NEO CPS


The new Satria Neo 1.6L CPS High Line is a replacement of the high line variant. This baby is equipped with CAMPRO CPS 1.6 engine, and comes with either automatic or manual transmission.

I think from the exterior, the difference that you can see against the normal NEO is the fender and the bodykit.  And also the spoiler and rims.

Just the same feeling previously if you compare the normal Satria against the Satria GTI.


At the engine bay the NEO CPS receives the new engine which is the CAMPRO CPS 1.6L. So now its also capable of switching cam profiles based on driving conditions.

The CPS engine is capable of 125HP and 150Nm torque @ 4,500 RPM. So i guess you need to revv a bit more during city drive just to get this car going, similar to the CAMPRO previously.


This baby retails at RM 60,763 for the Automatic variant while the manual is priced RM 3K lower.

Delivery might take 1-2 months if you book now.

Personally i think Proton have really done a great job on the NEO, as i saw the other day one of the demo car, the interior really looks much more solid compared to previous and i think its really worth it to get one if you are within this budget range and want to drive a new car.


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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

8 Responses to “ Proton Satria NEO CPS ”

  1. nice ride but still lack of power and not good as the old satria gti…

  2. yeah…wonder why they don’t put in the 1.8 engine

  3. The CPS is as good as the old 1.8

  4. looks like Palio or some like those model ?

  5. I love the car,
    But, is it selling them any more cars?

  6. Vtec 2.0 more better

  7. Godbless-it..actually i wanna say oppositely because i’ve been waiting this car for 3 farking months…what the hell with Proton..be4 said can get in 1 – 2 months…then said sure can get in October and now already November and still no farking news…tired with this waiting..can really call it as ‘locally imported car’ for local that suits the long waiting time.

  8. I am really surprised that u have to wait for a local car, guess the sales was too good and they did not anticipate it, so demand more than supply :p, i am sure its worth the wait ! Congrats on ur new ride !

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